The poisoned earth and us inside resisting

The poisoned earth and us inside resisting

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By Aníbal Ortizpozo

Monsanto, the largest chemical company on the planet, is identified as one of the main responsible parties. Her impudence and power is a monument to sustained impunity, contrary to what her motto says, "Food, health and hope", wherever she appears, she brings death, pollution, disease and destruction of the environment, along with hundreds of transnational corporations associated with each other, against life on the planet.

The first time I was aware of the existence of Monsanto, it was through the complaints about the blatant appropriation of seeds and ancestral knowledge that it made to the poor indigenous peoples in Latin America, to later patent them and obtain immense profits, in addition to absolute control on seeds and world agri-food production (1).

Monsanto's power is immense thanks to its economic growth and association with companies that work for it, in this way, for example, when it is claimed for the pollution of a river, made by a company associated with them, for the production of pork, -which also caused the forced displacement of the inhabitants of the sector near said industry- when questioned, they expressed that it is not their responsibility, because they only buy the meat already processed. They are always innocent and concerned, for the good of the community, advertising themselves to improve their image, which led them to the unusual fact of getting them to give them the World Food Prize.

The condemnation of the decision made by the jury of the World Food Prize awarded by The World Food Prize Foundation, was immediate, the 81 recipients of the Alternative Nobel Prize and the members of the Council for the World Future affirm that "The election The 2013 World Food Prize is an affront to the growing international consensus on safe and environmentally friendly agricultural practices that have been scientifically proven to promote nutrition and sustainability. ”(2) Many governments have rejected GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and more Two million citizens of 52 countries recently marched in opposition to GMOs. Founded in 1901 in the United States, Monsanto began manufacturing saccharin, then sulfuric acid, plastics, fertilizers and herbicides (glyphosate) until today it becomes one of the ten chemical companies largest in the world. (3)

There are countless international marches, campaigns, lawsuits, denouncing documentaries and mass protest actions against Monsanto and its associated companies around the world, where they have committed atrocities and irreversible damage to biodiversity, however, apparently, there has been no In the countries where it has left its mark, who will “rattle the cat”, if not quite the contrary, Monsanto has had the luxury of imprisoning, persecuting, harassing and suing farmers. Until 2006, it had obtained 12 million dollars for lawsuits against farmers. In September 2015, Monsanto sued the US state of California (4) for having disclosed, as a result of scientific research, that glyphosate caused cancer (5) and deformations of children at birth and other reproductive damage in regions where it had been fumigated with said herbicide (6).

Monsanto, is responsible for the diseases, contamination and death of millions of Vietnamese during the war with the United States. One of the products that were sprayed, a powerful defoliant, was called Agent Orange; and who is responsible for its manufacture? If not Monsanto. Chemicals, which not only produced immense damage to the environment, poisoned the population and generated diseases. There are still cases of children born with deformities due to contamination from their mothers. In the history of these atrocities against humanity, Monsanto is not alone, Bayer, the Aspirin, was, as is known, a company that Hitler used to gas Jews, gypsies and Spanish republicans. (7)

The existence of a chain of agribusiness, which also evades the legal regulations against monopoly in the countries where they are established, are dominated and directed by transnational companies, which seek to have total control of the planet's agri-food system and this system is currently monopolized by Monsanto, Cargill, Nestlé, Unilever, ConAgra and many more, who, in addition to enriching themselves, modify the eating habits of our communities. It is important to see a list of seventy companies that use Monsanto products and you should avoid (8). Sixty-four subsidiary or Monsanto-owned seed companies and 50 independent companies that distribute Seminis products. (9) All of them successful and “respectable institutions” of savage, neoliberal capitalism.

The transgenic GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are made so that the agrochemicals that they themselves produce have to be used, "business are business". The experiments and their production is done in a covert way, it is not reported that they are manufacturing them, nor what are the consequences of their consumption. In most countries there are no regulations, nothing indicates that they are safe for human life, or for the environment, however, there are scientists who have shown that they are harmful, calling them silent killers and a risk to biodiversity, because its sowing contaminates traditional crops, without being preventable. (10)

The icing on the cake, after patenting meat as an invention or producing breast milk in test tubes and other unnatural alterations, Monsanto the evil god, recently patented the flower that does not wilt, a kind of evergreen (sempervivum). The agrochemical company has developed a method that consists of temporarily modifying the function of certain genes linked to plant aging - RNA molecules - and thus blocking the ability of fresh flowers to produce "ethylene gas" which is growth hormone Natural, for example, causes apples to rot and rose petals to fall off. Monsanto blocks the hormone, doping the water in the vase (vase) with RNA, a product that Monsanto makes and sells. Round business! (11) In this way, it persists in altering the flow of nature, without any control or brake on the part of the authorities where they are installed. They are involved in fourth generation wars, with chemical and biological weapons. , responsible for global warming and desertification, now come for the control of water reservoirs on planet earth.

Our relationship and consumption of transgenic agri-food products is dangerous, they are part of our daily life today, they are in our kitchens and tables, we consume them, ignoring the amount of transgenic percentage they have, even when, the peoples have the right to choose and know everything about our food. There are countries where the labeling of transgenic products is being discussed to identify them as such, but this initiative has not prospered; private corporations prefer not to know. For this reason, citizen consumers of agri-food production have raised flags and posters in their international marches such as "No to GMOs", "For a GMO-free Latin America", "Monsanto, get out of our country."

We think that the call, LET'S CELEBRATE LIFE, “NO MORE MONSANTO AND ITS ASSOCIATED COMPANIES, is a legitimate call from the peoples, which although it is true will not magically solve the serious problems about what is happening with our health and food , at least informs, creates conscious groups, sensitizes the entire society, active to resist and denounce the presence of these true silent exterminations in development, that the chemical industries have unleashed in their insane madness for economic power, regardless of life , privatizing it and destroying it with impunity.


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