Grow your own eco-friendly furniture and then sunbathe on it

Grow your own eco-friendly furniture and then sunbathe on it

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There are ideas worth celebrating, which in addition to inspiring, make us think that there are many people who are working to make the world we live in more sustainable.

An example? The project carried out by the team at Studio Nucleo, a design company established in Turin (Italy). Through a campaign on Kickstarter, they developed TERRA !, an innovative concept that combines furniture and ecology.

It is a chair made with a cardboard frame and each frame is filled with soil and seeds. As time goes by, grass begins to grow and the result is wonderful: an ecological chair.

Besides being friendly to the environment, it is a very original design piece that blends in with the rest of your garden.

When you think about the frame, you may imagine that the cardboard is not that firm, but when the grass grows, it automatically forms a structure that easily supports the weight of an ordinary adult.

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