Nightmare of air conditioners, unsustainable life

Nightmare of air conditioners, unsustainable life

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The maximum temperature in Madrid on September 7 is 38ºC, but the worst thing is that the minimum has been 23ºC. These data are meteorological, measured in standardized observatories. If the AEMET thermometers were put into a neighborhood yard in the middle of the air conditioning war, the sensors would trip.

Heat waves in a big city would be much more bearable if it weren't for the army of air conditioners that fill our streets and courtyards. Without thinking for a moment about cheaper and much more efficient refrigeration procedures, many people simply come home and "put the air on."

Air conditioning system compressors produce a particularly annoying, syncopated and wheezing type of noise. They also generate a cloud of humid heat that invades the windows of the neighbors and converts the ventilation patios, where the healthy fresh air should enter, into saunas from which you must protect yourself by closing the windows.

The most common solution to this thermal and acoustic aggression from the neighbor is usually to install another air conditioning, which in turn will make life impossible for the nearest neighbor. The end result is buildings that were previously quite easy to cool by capturing fresh air in ventilation patios turned into hermetically sealed hives, kept at low indoor temperatures by dozens of noisy compressors that envelop the building and everyone who passes by. a blast of heat.

This culture of beating the heat with brute force is general and contributes to turning cities into a furnace. In general, more sustainable and more effective long-term solutions for air conditioning buildings, such as evaporative cooling and improved insulation, are not thought of.

The design of the buildings is fundamental, there is no more entering the portal of an old house on a hot day to check it. There are many solutions before arriving at the proliferation of air conditioners without order or concert, which are turning our cities into unlivable furnaces - and contributing significantly to the change in the climate that we are already

Sustainable living

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