Climate change: which are the 90 most polluting companies on the planet

Climate change: which are the 90 most polluting companies on the planet

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Global warming has several culprits. The list includes 90 companies that produce 63 percent of emissions, with CO2 and methane being the main pollutants, both directly related to the industrial revolution.

In order to identify those responsible, Richard Heede, director and chief geographer of the Institute for Climate Responsibility in Colorado, United States, compiled quantitative and historical data on the contributions of greenhouse gases.

By studying that information, Heede concluded that the guilty companies emitted more than eight million tons of carbon each year, representing 914 million tons of CO2.

The list is headed by the top five fuel, coal and cement producers: Chevron (US), ExxonMobil (US), Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia), BP (UK) and Gazprom (Russian Federation).

"All the decision makers and CEOs of these companies fit on two buses," Heede told an international media outlet, emphasizing that almost two-thirds of carbon emissions fell on a small group.

His investigation was supported by the New York Prosecutor's Office, which followed up with the oil company ExxonMobil, after assuming that the industry would be burning fossil fuels, in addition to misinforming about its activities through a campaign. There is no sentence yet.

In another case, Heede quantified the carbon emissions resulting from loans and investments made by a bank around the world. The research started from the study of a gas extraction project in Africa and a coal mine in Poland.

All the projects financed by that bank caused two billion tons of CO2. When this information was disclosed, the financial entity decided to carry out environmental impact studies and bet on alternative energy projects.

After eight years of work, Heede reveals the names of those most responsible for expelling carbon into the atmosphere. View the infographic with the 90 companies cited at:

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In 2003, Heede created Climate Mitigation Services, a consulting company specializing in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

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