10 environmentally friendly applications for your Smartphone

10 environmentally friendly applications for your Smartphone

1. Green tips

To familiarize yourself with the “green mindset”, you can start by getting practical advice for everyday life around climate change, pollution, biodiversity, water, etc. It makes it easy for you to share tips on social networks. There is also Cogreen: in addition to advice, it allows self-assessment on ecological matters. Mention for Ecohuerto, exclusive guide for plants. Available for iOS and Android.

2. Visibility

Now you can tell if you are standing in a polluted environment in a very easy way: you take a photo with your smartphone and it is analyzed according to the light from the sky and some algorithms. Then you receive a detailed report: for example, if the sky is not bright, it tells you that this is due to mist from aerosols, reports Here we can also mention Zero Carbon, carbon footprint calculator. Available for Android.

3. Noise Meter

Noise pollution is a problem on every corner in our city. Use the microphone of your cell phone to measure noise in the environment. It gives you the measurement in decibels. Available for iOS and Android.

4. iRecycle

Until now it is not clear to you what can and cannot be recycled? With a single button on your cell phone you will be able to know how up to 300 types of materials are recycled, from chemical products to paint and batteries. As an addition, so that nothing happens to you, publish information for caring for the environment. Available for iOS and Android.

5. Ourcast

Being guided by how we view the weather at sunrise is not always a good idea. At least not 100% foolproof. That's what Ourcast exists for, an application that forecasts the weather every 10 minutes for the next two hours. Currently, it only works in the United States: for this it uses radar data from the National Climatological Center and the meteorological stations of that country, as well as information from the users themselves. Available for iOS.

6. Koubachi

If you like to plant trees and take care of your plants, this application alerts you when they need water. It uses a Wi Fi sensor of the same name, which is placed inside the pot, and connects to the smartphone. It also advises if you need more light or shade. Available for iOS.

7. Fuel Calculator

It is about being more efficient and that the result is more economical. With this application you can save gasoline. With the data of our vehicle and the distance, it indicates the price that the chosen route would cost you. It also warns you about the amount of CO2 your car emits. In Spain there is, through which you can find people who travel to the same place as you, so that they share mobility and also expenses. And of course, less car pollution. Available for iOS and Android.

8. Energy Saver

From your home you can also help keep our planet in good condition. You can try, for example, Energy Saver, which analyzes the energy consumed at home and helps you save it. Another similar one is Green Power Premium, although this concentrates on the battery of our device, so that it has more life. Available for iOS and Android.

9. Save the elephants

If what you are looking for is to help the conservation of animals and their habitats, these two Apps can help you. One is Save the elephants, which alerts the geolocation of African elephants, so that there are no confrontations between animals and people, as well as to avoid damage to crops. Another is the Whale Alert App, which sends last minute notifications with sightings of right whales, an endangered species, to prevent boat crashes. At the moment, there is only data from the United States. Available for Android.

10. Green Globe

Not only your day-to-day, but also your travels can be environmentally friendly. With this application it is intended that on your walk you do not waste energy. It offers you hotel options, various tourist attractions and even cruises. Available for iOS and Android.


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