For an ethical revolution

For an ethical revolution

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By José Carlos García Fajardo

The Dalai Lama sends a message to all of humanity regardless of belief, gender, nationality or profession to ensure that we make our lives as meaningful as possible by caring about being happy. I just spent a few days with very close followers of yours and this is my personal reflection.

Through kindness, affection, honesty, truth and justice towards all others we ensure our own benefit. It is common sense. We may reject religion, ideology and wisdom received from our elders, but we cannot shy away from the need for love and compassion.

“This is my true religion, my simple faith. You don't need a temple or a church, a mosque or a synagogue; there is no need for a complicated philosophy, doctrine or dogma. The temple has to be our own heart, our spirit and our intelligence. Love for others and respect for their rights and dignity, regardless of who they are and what they may be. This is what we all need ”.

As long as we practice these truths in our daily lives, it matters little whether we are educated or uneducated, whether we believe in God or the Buddha, whether we are faithful to one religion or another, or to none at all. To the extent that we have compassion for others and behave with due restraint, based on our sense of responsibility, we will be happy.

With kindness and courage, welcoming others with a smile. Be clear and direct. And try to be impartial and fair. Treat everyone as if they were our friends. And this with its consequences we can affirm as people who want to be happy and not suffer. To be able to be ourselves.

I believe that it coincides with the deepest attitudes of socially and politically committed people who have come to realize that we are facing a paradigm shift that is constantly spreading with that incredible weapon of mass destruction that is the population explosion and the exponential aggression to environment in which we live, move and are. We must contribute our effort in a spiritual revolution that supposes an ethical revolution.


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