Curious silence from the Ministry of the Environment on the cyanide spill in San Juan

Curious silence from the Ministry of the Environment on the cyanide spill in San Juan

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While the inhabitants of Jachal began to demand concrete answers from the national and provincial government, from the Executive they maintained a striking silence. It is that the cyanide water spill happened at the beginning of the month and was only known a few days ago. The unknowns are open about the moment the news reached the Government, whether at the time of the spill or only when the company made it known.

In one way or another, the actions of the macrismo are an atrocious cover for an event that puts the lives of the inhabitants at risk. Even several days later in the portal of the Environment portfolio there is no type of statement in this regard.

The only statements were made on the minister's personal Facebook profile, Bergman, and as expected he tried to avoid blaming the company for what happened.

In this regard, he stated that "we call it a sinister, accident or event because we still have no certainty if it was indeed a spill, what time of spill, what type of effluent and where."

And he added that "we are making ourselves present in Veladero, in such a way as not to leave any room for speculation." What emerges from what Bergman mentioned is that the alleged technical teams sent by the Ministry avoided taking the statements of the community and protected the company.

From this perspective nothing good can be expected from what the next steps may be.

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