"Popices", open-air offices. A new concept that could spread throughout the world

If you ask a boy or girl if they liked it when their teacher said that class that day would be outdoors, they would probably tell you that it was one of the coolest days they have had in school.

I myself remember those times - counted on the fingers of one hand - when I had the opportunity to learn in a setting that was not surrounded by concrete. Learn with nature as a classroom.

We know that many European countries have already reached the level of development that allows us to go beyond the needs, and thanks to this ideas such as "Popices" can emerge.

The word is an abbreviation of Pop-Up Offices, a concept developed in Amsterdam that takes the idea of ​​outdoor classrooms to the next level: these are outdoor offices.

Stress lurks and if we spend all day sitting in an office, there is a greater chance that we will have a worse quality of life. If we look at it from that point of view, outdoor offices are an excellent alternative.

The official website of Pop-Up Offices explains that the true objective of the creators of this concept is to reclaim spaces such as parks, roofs or cafes that are closed during the day, and turn them into offices with all the necessary equipment.

They are cheaper places than conventional offices, perfect for people who work independently, for entrepreneurs or developers who need a space that gives them inspiration.

It would be great if the project were extended to other countries, because that would probably help improve the lives of many people who feel trapped in their workplace.