Bioconstruction: know the importance and benefits of building on land

Bioconstruction: know the importance and benefits of building on land

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Hi all! Today I want to share with you the benefits of construction on land and why it is gaining strength in the design proposals and in the dreams of many people.

Bioconstruction has been something that came into my life naturally, through a search to live more connected with nature. Through Nace Una Semilla and my work to spread actions that achieve this connection, I have realized that this search is found in many hearts.

16 years ago I began the search as a student of Environmental Engineering, and for 9 years I have lived in a house built with wood and clay and we have had the experience of self-construction and knowledge of this art of building on land.

I wonder why these techniques have lost their value and importance within society, since they help to have better health, reduce the consumption of fuels for heating or ventilation, provide comfort benefits, generate pleasant, comfortable and welcoming environments, among other benefits.

The concept of earth as a building material today:

Today there is a rejection of the earth, but inevitably it is she who sustains us and who gives life to everything we need to live.

The life of insects and microorganisms is inevitable, without them we could not exist and we owe our lives to them. They are the ones who give life to food and also generate chemical processes in the atmosphere ... It is a world little studied and that we know little about, and therefore we are afraid of them .... Ignorance to humans causes fear.

However, the earth, insects and microorganisms exist and we must give thanks.

Why do I start like this? It is that many think that a construction on earth is a symbol of poverty or dirt and I am grateful because it is already a concept that is changing, today many top hotels and residential buildings are building in wood and earth, which gives them that rustic touch , cozy and romantic.

Construction on land is thousands of years old and there are 3000-year-old constructions still standing, which were built on land; for this reason it is a tremendously durable and natural material.

Today's society and current system has taken us away from simple materials and the fine and beautiful techniques that we can create with them. They are materials that we have always used, but the great industry has made us forget.

However, today there is an increase in seeking the natural, in response to a search for being and the connection with nature. For this reason, construction on land provides a solution for those who have their land and want to innovate and realize their dreams, building a cozy space with great benefits like the ones I show you here.

Five solutions offered by Bioconstruction

1. Bioconstruction is a union of many concepts of ecological construction, which come together to offer solutions and comfort to our homes or to any built environment.

2. The construction on land allows us to enjoy cozy spaces with a rustic style, which goes well with everything.

Everything looks beautiful in natural environments, we do not need to embellish them with luxurious ornaments, because the construction itself can be a work of art. On land we can make impeccable fine finishes, with designs, reliefs or colors that we want to give the desired environment, without having to use chemicals to achieve it.

Thus said a participant in a green building course that we teach: "I come to learn about green building because in a dirt house everything looks prettier; a vase, a book, a fruit bowl, whatever looks like in a house built of earth and wood. This house is cozy and everything in it looks beautiful. "

3. Earth is an easy to obtain, healthy and free material in most cases.

The earth is under our feet and gives us the solution both for our food and for our housing, it is malleable and we can obtain it on our own land or get it in trucks.

4. We can all build with earth, this is one of the options that I like the most. It is something that I could easily learn, with my own hands. I can shape my own walls, I can give them texture, different width and color.

In general, hammers and screws cost us women, but on earth one discovers a new art hidden within our soul. It is something that both adults and boys and men and women like and can achieve to do with expertise if they practice and gain experience.

5. The construction on land maintains the environments with adequate humidity and temperature, isolates electromagnetic waves and is an ecological material. Also in the case of Chile, which is a seismic country, one can easily build anti-seismic houses on the ground, if we design it properly.

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