10 university campuses committed to the environment

10 university campuses committed to the environment

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By Cristina Bragana

Uniplaces, the university accommodation portal, shares 10 of the university campuses that have managed to combine functionality and efficiency, taking into account their ecological impact.

Autonomous University of Barcelonto Spain)

The UAB is the most ecological university in the world, the result of two decades of hard work that has resulted in an energy reduction of more than 60% and a reduction in water consumption that is 90% lower than other buildings with similar characteristics.

University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

This university sends the food waste that is generated in its facilities to farms in the area, for recycling and later use in the production of organic fertilizers, as well as biogas, which allows providing electricity to nearby municipalities.

University of British Columbia (Canada)

One of the objectives of this university is to promote durability and respect for the planet. Its buildings have been designed to use geothermal properties. It also helps local traders by hosting a weekly organic market.

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Known as The Green Lighthouse, the University of Copenhagen is the first public building in Denmark to neutralize its carbon emissions. Generate your own energy, thanks to solar panels that it houses, mostly underground.

University of Oslo (Norway)

Norway is one of the greenest countries in the world, and a good proof of this are its universities. The UiO, located in Oslo, carries out various measures to protect the environment. For example, it makes charging points for electric vehicles available to students and teachers. In addition, the university only purchases renewable electricity and uses only central heating.

Al Akhawayn d'Ifrane University (Morocco)

This Moroccan university wants to become one of the greenest in the world by reducing its energy bill. The campus pool is heated by biomass burners, and solar panels and LED-type bulbs have been installed in most buildings.

Sussex University (UK)

Sustainable development is very important both for this British university and for its students, who have launched an initiative called freecycling. It is based on barter and it is a store where you leave things that you no longer use and take other things you need. Recycling, saving energy and money… everyone wins!

University of Lille (France)

French universities also care about the environment and on the Lille university campus, Shetland ponies are in charge of mowing the grass. This technique, in addition to being good for animals, avoids noise and pollution generated by machines and helps maintain biodiversity on campus.

School of Sustainability, Arizona State University (USA)

In addition to being the first college in the United States dedicated to researching the principles of sustainability, the Sustainability College buildings have been designed to reduce water and energy consumption, combining the use of recycled materials and the production of solar energy.

Canterbury University (New Zealand)

The University of Canterbury is very committed to sustainable development and has organic gardens where students can grow their own fruits and vegetables. Two of the cafeterias on campus serve organic produce and most of the buildings have been built or renovated in accordance with green standards.


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