This man dresses in his trash to raise awareness about our waste

This man dresses in his trash to raise awareness about our waste

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Rob Greenfield is an American activist who is very concerned about the large amount of waste that humans create. For the same reason, he decided to act, or at least draw attention to this.

Due to this he decided to create a special suit that allows him to carry all the waste that he generates for a month; something like 62 kilograms and corresponding to what a citizen of the United States generates on average.

His initiative, which he called "Trash Me", has already attracted attention as he has been seen walking around New York with his particular (and smelly) outfit, but he is able to withstand all the stares in order to raise awareness regarding the quantity of waste we produce. You will even have to carry waste that other people give you on your suit. Solidarity, right?

"Most of the people do not think twice about the garbage they generate. Once the garbage is in the container, it is out of sight, out of our mind," he says on his website.

The idea of ​​Greenfield is that people consider other alternatives for their waste, such as composting with organic waste or recycling.

Thus, at the end of the experiment, he will carry more than 60 kilos of garbage on his body and it will be difficult for him to walk normally. Everything is to raise awareness, right?

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