WaterSeer, get drinking water 24 hours a day without electricity

WaterSeer, get drinking water 24 hours a day without electricity

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A device to give access to drinking water to people living in areas of the world where, due to climate or lack of infrastructure, make access to drinking water a serious problem.

WaterSeer is powered by the energy generated by an integrated wind turbine.

The device is anchored two meters into the ground. The upper part is finished with a vertical turbine, which rotates the blades of the indoor fan to introduce air into the underground chamber. The underground chamber is cooled by the surrounding earth, it condenses water in the reservoir to create an artificial well, from which people can draw drinking water throughout the day.

The low-cost device was developed by VICI laboratories, in collaboration with the University of Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, as a possible solution for the 2.3 billion people on the planet who lack regular access to drinking water. A single water device can collect up to 40 liters of clean water every day. The nonprofit company will donate a machine each time there is a private sale.

They have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $ 77,000 to build their water harvesting devices around the world. The device has already been tested with a prototype.

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