A 350 kg “monster of wipes” overflows a collector in a Spanish city

A 350 kg “monster of wipes” overflows a collector in a Spanish city

A huge plug of wipes weighing 350 kilograms has caused an overflow of a collector in San Javier, in which Hidrogea company operators worked for 9 hours to remove it and prevent fecal waters from continuing to flood the airport road, reports this water management society.

A "monster of wipes", as the company calls it, is what has caused Hidrogea to have to mobilize all its technical and human resources in the aforementioned Murcian municipality to remove it from the collector, and that despite the fact that both the City Council how the company launched a campaign last summer so that citizens do not flush wipes down the toilet.

After receiving a warning, the Hidrogea workers went to the place where the incident was and verified that the collector that transports the wastewater to the WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) had overflowed and invaded part of the aforementioned road.

To locate the location of the so-called ‘wipe monster’, the operators use a pressure hose and, later, they start cleaning.

But what was expected to be an easier berthing, became a complex operation due to the large amount of wipes that had accumulated and the strong pressure of the water.

Nine hours to get the wipes

The work to remove the wipes lasted for nine hours because the force of the flow prevented the removal of the cap quickly and it moved to the next well, where it was finally retained, recalls the water management society.

Cleaning trucks removed the water from the road while waiting for the water level in the collector and wells to drop, in order to remove the rest of the plug.

Three cleaning trucks, a civil works brigade and a mixed machine took part in the cleaning and unblocking work.

In addition to almost a dozen people, including technicians, foremen and operators, coordinated with personnel from the Municipal Services.

The blockages of the sanitation network due to this malpractice are causing serious problems in the sanitation systems, not only in Spain, but throughout the world, according to the same source.

More than 170 associations and entities that operate urban water services from 14 countries, including the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Estonia and Spain They have adhered to the Statement of positioning of the sector, on products not suitable for flushing down the toilet and those labeled as suitable.


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