Belgian supermarket to sell vegetables planted on its own rooftop

Belgian supermarket to sell vegetables planted on its own rooftop

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Delhaize will be the first supermarket in Belgium to sell vegetables grown in its own establishment since at the beginning of the summer of 2017, it will begin to grow all kinds of groceries on the roof of the building that has an area of ​​1050 square meters.

The establishment, located in the city of Boondael, will grow tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, aubergines, chard and other vegetables in the greenhouse, which will have a lower cost than usual. The price reduction is due to the savings in transport costs since the products will not travel thousands of kilometers, as usual, until they reach their gondolas.

Although the chain plans to avoid chemical fertilizers, these products will not be classified as organic because they will not be sown directly on the ground, but in special boxes and on cement. However, the store has certified organic products in its inventory.

Thanks to the closed greenhouse system, production will be able to continue in winter in that locality, the low temperatures and the snow make it difficult to cultivate in that season. However, this closed system allows low temperatures, humidity and wind to be controlled.

The cultivation system of the Delhaize chain will be the first of its kind in Europe, but not the first to use this modality. In the American city of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, the Whole Foods supermarket already sells under this green roof modality and in the last two seasons it has sold more than three tons of products.

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