An application to fight against food waste

An application to fight against food waste

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Launched in France in June, the “Too Good To Go” application has arrived in Lyon these days. More than twenty Lyon merchants are present in the application that helps fight against food waste. “We hope it will spread quickly throughout Lyon,” said Camille Colbus, Director of Communication.

Its objective is twofold: to prevent merchants from disposing of unsold merchandise and to allow users to benefit from reduced prices. For the participating commercial establishments, everything is free; They only have to register in the application and, from that moment, estimate daily the number of products they can offer for sale at the end of the afternoon. These are the owners of bakeries, patisseries or restaurants, catering and bars, who by this method obtain benefits for products that would otherwise have been wasted, at the same time that the users of the application place orders for products. at affordable prices.

For the user, once they download the application and create an account, they are geolocated; You can view the number of “surprise” servings offered by participating merchants in your vicinity, place an order and pay online. Afterwards, the user will be able to collect their order at the time indicated by the merchant and discover what they have saved from ending up in the trash.

As of June 2016, the "Too Good To Go" app has a strong presence in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and the UK. In France, it has spread to Lille and Paris, and now to Lyon. Last week the application won the second prize in the “Food waste challenge” contest, organized by Carrefour. There is no doubt that it will soon land in other major cities in the country.

It is estimated that 89 million tonnes of food in good condition are wasted every year in the European Union, which is an average of 179 kg per person, that is, half a kilo of food daily.

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