This smart bottle analyzes and filters what you drink

This smart bottle analyzes and filters what you drink

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A laboratory inside the bottle. A container that analyzes and cares for what you drink so that the water is just water: colorless, odorless, tasteless. Ecomo is the smart bottle that filters and analyzes the water, notifying you of the quality of what you are going to drink.

Fill, shake, swirl and drink. The bottle has an LED screen where it will report the quality of the water it contains. This will be green, orange or red depending on the quality of the liquid. It has three unified filters that manage to purify the water, which makes it possible to eliminate pesticides, chlorine or pesticides, metals such as mercury or lead, and also bacteria.

To analyze the water, simply shake the bottle and the information will appear on the mobile phone screen, thanks to an application that gives details of the components. It also offers the possibility of carrying out a quality test. To filter contaminants, the bottle must be rotated and LED lights will inform you when the filters must be changed so that the bottle can continue to fulfill its mission.

Some media distrust the bottle. According to The Verge, this would not be reliable until having a verification of the operation, since in the 'crowdfunding' campaign full efficiency is ensured, but the technology or how long its filters last are not explained, despite the fact that there is a video from a laboratory. A doubt motivated by the number of ‘crowdfunding’ projects that end up being a fraud.

Ecomo landed on Kickstarter just a few weeks ago and has already quadrupled its goal: of the $ 50,000 it aspired to, the bottle already has $ 211,533 and a thousand sponsors, when it still has 30 days ahead to continue gaining followers. The bottle is priced at $ 139 with limited stock of up to 500 units and approximate delivery, anywhere in the world, is scheduled for March next year.


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