They presented the first ecological tourist bus in Argentina

They presented the first ecological tourist bus in Argentina

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The Government of the city of Buenos Aires presented the first ecological tourism collective Ecobus in the country, which will save energy and reduce the environmental impact and will enter into circulation from November.

Thus, the tourist bus will add a new unit to its fleet that has a technology of two engines (one electric and the other diesel) and that in six months will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by an amount equivalent to that absorbed by 500 trees, they specified from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Modernization.

"We have the conviction and commitment to progressively replace the buses in the fleet with this more environmentally friendly option. We have been working as a team with the Ministry of Transportation since May to achieve certification so that tourists can enjoy this type of transportation. sustainable ", explained the president of the Tourism Board and Minister of Modernization of the City, Andy Freire, who participated in the inaugural tour of the bus together with Alexander Boni, president of Volvo Argentina, the company in charge of its manufacture.

With the hybrid system, from the moment it starts until it reaches a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, the bus works with the electric motor, which reduces noise and environmental impact by reducing speed. Every time it stops, the battery recharges.

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