They publish photos of dragons in the sky of Tibet

They publish photos of dragons in the sky of Tibet

The photograph was taken on June 22, 2004, when a photographer went to the Amdo region of Tibet to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the Qinghai-Xizang railway, and then took a plane from Lhasa back to China. . While flying above the Himalayas, he accidentally captured these "two dragons" in one photo. He called them "the dragons of Tibet."

When looking at the photograph, the two objects apparently have the characteristics of reptiles: the bodies appear to be covered in scales, they have protrusions on the back and their bodies gradually taper at the back. Although only a small portion of the bodies are visible in the image, it is enough to be able to identify what could be two gigantic dragons flying through the clouds.

This photo, published on some websites like and others, caused great curiosity among users. One of them commented: “There is no question why China is the land of dragons! Nature is really mysterious and powerful, it can always produce spectacular images that exceed people's expectations ”.

In Chinese traditions, the dragon is a kind of celestial creature. Legends tell that it ascends to Heaven with the spring breeze and plunges and hides in deep waters with the autumn wind. It can summon clouds and cause rain. Then it also became a symbol of imperial authority, and the emperors were the only ones who could dress in robes decorated with the holy dragons.

But it seems that not all of them are simple legends. Throughout Chinese history, there have been several occasions when magical dragons were seen, which were recorded for posterity. One of the most incredible episodes occurred in April 345 BC, when two dragons appeared in the Longshan area, one white and one black. There are several other records of dragons that fell injured to earth.

Photograph taken on June 22, 2004, you can identify what would be two gigantic dragons flying above the Himalayas.

In ancient times it was also believed that there was a relationship between the appearance of dragons and the transition of dynasties on Earth. The appearance of these dragons in Tibet, then, raises the question of whether they are heralding a change in the world.

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