Reciclabot, an invention to take care of the environment

Reciclabot, an invention to take care of the environment

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Diego González is a young Mexican researcher who in October 2016 unveiled his invention: the ‘Reciclabot’, a machine capable of separating bottles, soda cans, cigarette butts and other waste, in order to later recycle them.

Since the objective of his plan is to take care of the environment, the idea is also to ‘reward’ people who use his invention with cell phone recharges or subway tickets, for example.

Thousands of tons of solid waste are generated every day and the problem of local governments is not only the transfer to landfills but also recycling them for new use. Given this, the young inventor affirms in an interview with CNN in Mexico City that his project is a challenge in the face of the problems of waste disposal and treatment of waste generated in daily life.

The young Diego González - founder of the companies EcoTec and HolaTec - put his idea into practice by noting the large amount of garbage thrown into the sea, especially cigarette butts, paper and cans, among other waste. The presence of dozens of tons of garbage floating in the sea motivated him to create a system that solves this problem and teaches - at the same time - on the whole issue of recycling.

EcoTec and HolaTec are companies that have developed Reciclabot, Diego González's idea being that the capital and local governments, as well as private entities, such as shopping malls, buy the device and place it in public spaces, as he stated in the same interview.

The machine is capable of identifying materials, separating them and compressing them. The Reciclabot aims to improve the recycling work of cities, which in itself is expensive and deficient. By separating and compressing the materials, it facilitates the process, since from here it can be sent to factories that use these elements for a new production or recycling process.

According to the National Institute of Recyclers of Mexico, only 30% of waste is recycled. This project, if it is extended, can undoubtedly help to reverse the problem and at the same time raise awareness about the care and protection of the planet.

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