Tesla / SolarCity launch first roof with integrated solar cells

Tesla / SolarCity launch first roof with integrated solar cells

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The photovoltaic cells fit right into the roof giving an attractive and elegant finish. The idea is to combine this new solar roof with the powerwall battery already on the market to cover all the energy needs of a house, with clean energy.

The company hopes that this new solar roof will be easier to install and more profitable for its owners. Their goal is to make solar roofs better than traditional roofs, generating clean electricity, with better insulation and at a lower price than a normal roof.

A key component to the functionality of the sunroof is its combination with an energy storage system - that is, with Tesla's Powerwall system. Both are designed to connect to the solar system, as well as other energy sources. Elon also announced a new Powerwall 2.0, with a capacity of 14 kWh, which will be priced at around $ 5,000.

With this product, Tesla and SolarCity, became the perfect partners. Now Tesla is ready to scale Powerwall and SolarCity is ready to provide clean energy at a reduced price.

As Musk himself commented: "Tesla is not a car company. Tesla's true purpose is to innovate in the future of energy. Cars are only part of the solution."

The ceilings are manufactured in four different styles, with the idea that they simulate conventional ceilings. Its manufacture includes a technology to adorn special materials called hydroprinting, so that the ceilings are visually like classic ceilings.

The solar roof + Powerball 2.0 pack will also come equipped with a Tesla car charger, completing a pack that is surely already the ambition of the most respectful of the environment.


Video: 3 Tesla Powerwall Installation Garage (May 2022).


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