France: pay to go to work by bicycle and cyclists increase by 80%

France: pay to go to work by bicycle and cyclists increase by 80%

By Raul Mannise

The initiative was based on a proposal made by the Ministry of Transportation, in collaboration with about 20 companies and institutions in the country, with the aim of increasing the number of bicycles on the streets.

In just 6 months, the number of cyclists increased by 80%.

The French government has published the evaluation of the project, from which it was learned that in just 6 months of paying workers to ride a bicycle, the number of bicycle parking spaces in companies increased by 80%.

The people who participated in the program pedaled an average of five kilometers a day. What gives about 25 euros per month per worker, this is paid by the company and then recovers it through tax benefits. As additional benefits, the city is decongested, the solution is reduced, the health of the workers increases and also a healthy habit is imposed that people continue later in their daily lives, going for a walk or buying a bicycle.

Although this initiative was a pilot project that lasted only 6 months, the government promised, given the success of the media and the undoubted benefits derived from it, to expand it permanently.

It is currently transformed into a bill that is being discussed in the country's Parliament. The law would establish a subsidy to all French people who choose to cycle to work.

A law that should exist all over the world, don't you think?


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