This shocking campaign shows that children spend less time outdoors than prisoners

This shocking campaign shows that children spend less time outdoors than prisoners

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In any case, the data are devastating, and Skip has impressed us with the results of his study, which after analyzing the play habits of the youngest children in our country, offers us a somewhat disturbing panorama.

What are the reasons that parents cite to justify their children's lack of time outdoors?

Mainly, the lack of time, the weather and new technologies, which makes children more and more hooked to the virtual than to the real.

A worrying situation that we must reverse. Going outside, exploring the outside world and being able to enjoy the importance of playing outside is vital for children.

Free the kids, was filmed in a maximum security prison in the United States and we see the importance of the time that prisoners spend outdoors, a minimum of two hours outdoors that they value very much.

"Out there you free yourself from problems", "the time I spend outdoors is the best part of the day" or "going outside is good for my physical and mental health" are some of the testimonies of the inmates that we can see in the video above.

After seeing these results, the Unilever brand has decided to launch another initiative, Learning Outdoors, together with Ayuda en Acción, so that teachers can take students out of their classes and enjoy a day outdoors.

And, without further ado, let's see the campaign video:

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