The need to feel connected with nature

The need to feel connected with nature

The human being is a generally religious being whatever the religion he professes. It postulates or projects an extramundane and transcendent God who must be worshiped, prayed, praised and even feared. He is a God by and for humans (leaving animals and plants practically outside his “cover”), but more so, in a God only for those who profess the same religion: my God is the only God. But in addition, this type of God is a separate entity from each one of us and I, in my individuality, at the same time am separated from the rest of humans and even more from the rest of beings.

This is the religiosity to which a large part of the world's population "submits", a religiosity based on ontological separation, as we say, first between people but even more between people and the rest of the species. And therein lies precisely the problem: in not conceiving spiritual links between ourselves and the rest; in short: in having become religious but not spiritual beings. We want to know who we are, we yearn for the truth, but in reality we turn away from it and condemn other living beings to misery if not to extinction. And we continue to insist on postulating an extramundane God instead of an intramundane one, inhabiting and being present already here, in each one of us and in each one of the living beings, although this, yes, could lead the planet to its destruction.

But no, we are not separate and instead we are in bond with the whole of Nature. Therefore, if we damage the forest, pollute rivers or extinguish species, we will be damaging, contaminating or extinguishing ourselves. And what kind of being would harm himself? Just a fool or an ignorant.

So it is not about creating a link that previously did not exist between human beings and the whole of Nature, it is rather about recognizing it; to recognize, as for example, it is clear from the supposed words that Chief Seattle dedicated by letter to the President of the United States Franklin Pierce in response to his claim to buy the lands where the Native Americans lived, to recognize that humans and animals are brothers and that everything is related to each other.

So let's not conceive the sacred in other worlds or dimensions, let's conceive it here: in each river, in each sea, in each bird, in each forest and in each ecosystem, because only then will we be able to save the planet.

By Vicente Berenguer

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