Finland will be the first country to eliminate school subjects

Finland will be the first country to eliminate school subjects

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By Esteban Ordoñez

The system will be implemented, for the time being, for boys and girls from the age of 16. They can forget about Literature, Mathematics, Physics or History as watertight compartments. The sea change is applied after much observation and research, as Marjo Kyllonen, the head of the Helsinki Department of Education, told the Independent:

"There are schools where they teach according to the method that served at the beginning of the 20th century, however, needs have changed and we need to invent something suitable for the 21st century."

The idea is to integrate the areas of knowledge. It has been shown that creating links between ideas, arguments or subjects establishes knowledge much better in the mind than simple and traditional memorization. Following this logic, historical episodes will be studied from all disciplinary areas. The Cold War, for example, would be analyzed from historical, geographical, economic, physical, chemical points of view ...

The revolution in the organization of knowledge is complemented with another step in promoting group work and the leadership of the student. A course called 'Working in the cafeteria' will be given where young people will develop their communication skills.

Teachers of different specialties must learn to coordinate and implement their areas of knowledge. Herein lies one of the great challenges: for teachers, coming from a totally different system, to learn to function in the new method and to be flexible enough to coordinate it profitably. If Finland continues its tradition, in a matter of years, this new system will be admired by the whole world.


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