Working with nature: Farmer uses birds in his garden to control insects and weeds

Working with nature: Farmer uses birds in his garden to control insects and weeds

How old is he? We asked him. "How old do you think I am?" He replied flirtatiously. Rafael Luis Enrique Marcelo de la Natividad de María Izquierdo is 82 years old and has a vitality that makes him look younger. He attributes it to the fact that he is pending all day of his agricultural production. He spends the hours inside the greenhouses that he owns in 700 square meters and studies every detail of the behavior of the flora and fauna inside them.

The farmer comments that over time he discovered the benefit of birds in his greenhouses. The result is amazing. Tomato moths hunt them on the fly so with them I control bugs and weeds ”.

“Once they grow you have to remove them because they dig and since I have a greenhouse for furrows, they erase them. And if they misbehave, they go to the pot, "he says with a laugh.

Control by birds was discovered a year ago and assures that it is useful for the production of tomatoes and garlic. You learned that by placing mesh in the lower part of the greenhouse, the chickens can remain and the chickens cannot enter.

His recipe is that “for a 40 meter x 12 greenhouse, with 12 chicks I have enough. They must be renewed so that they do not dig. I also made a house for a chercán to make its nest inside the greenhouse. He flies to look for food for his young and that food is the bugs that I have inside the greenhouse ”.

The farmer receives technical advice through the Local Development Program (Prodersal), through which he has accessed INDAP resources for greenhouse materials and the construction of a water tank, among others.

“I have mainly tomatoes and flowers. I do all the work alone, because the workers work for a lot of money, you cannot compete with what the forestry companies pay. I recommend greenhouses for older people, because it keeps them very active ”, he assured.

The national deputy director of INDAP, Ricardo vial, who met Don Rafael in one of his visits to the region, appreciated his work: “his energy to carry out agricultural activity is remarkable and also to produce with quality without using fertilizers. We have seen an example of affection for the work they do and it shows in their productive activity. ”

By María Elena Millar


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