Trump continues to "study" whether to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement

Trump continues to

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US President-elect Donald Trump continues to "study" whether to withdraw from the Paris Agreement against climate change, because he fears that following its rules will mean losing economic competitiveness against countries like China.

“I'm studying the (agreement of) Paris. I don't want it to put us at a competitive disadvantage with other countries, I don't want it to give China and other countries a disadvantage over us, "Trump said in an interview broadcast on Fox News television.

It would not be so easy for Trump to withdraw the United States from that agreement that brings together more than 100 countries, since it has already been ratified and contains a clause that would force him to wait four years from the moment he decided to abandon it until the Disengagement will go into effect.

The president-elect reiterated that he has an "open mind" regarding the possibility of continuing in the Paris Agreement, but said that "no one really knows" what happens with climate change, despite the many scientific studies that have shown its effects.

Scott Pruitt at the EPA

Trump this week chose Scott Pruitt, a climate change skeptic, to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is in charge of regulating the environment in the United States.

At the same time, he received at the Trump Tower in New York two great activists in the fight against climate change, former US Vice President Al Gore and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who gave him a copy of his documentary “Before The Flood (Before let it be late) ”.

Before entering the campaign, the New York tycoon came to refer to climate change as a "hoax" propagated by China to harm the US - an idea that continues to be read in a message he posted on Twitter in 2012 - although later, during a debate presidential, denied saying so.


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