To travel with your pet ... follow these tips

To travel with your pet ... follow these tips

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The end of the year holidays and summer vacations are approaching and many people are preparing to travel to different destinations.

But if you are an animal lover, it is very likely that it will be difficult for you to go out and leave your pet alone. At least there is good news, as more and more tourist destinations accept those who travel with their little furry friends.

"As a country we are becoming increasingly aware of how to encourage travel with pets inside or outside Chile, becoming an important global trend. In Europe today there are more than 33 thousand establishments that accept pets and consider them as part of their guests, providing them with different services ", explains María Teresa Cagalj, head of the Tourism Engineering career at the Universidad del Pacífico.

For this reason, if you want to go out with your pet, it is very important: "have your health papers up to date, choose the destination, confirming in advance that the place is suitable for taking animals and look for accommodation that accepts pets", adds the specialist.

Here are some tips so that you can take your pet on your next trip without problems on a domestic flight:

The pet must be more than two months old.

Have a certificate from a veterinarian issued during the ten days prior to the trip, certifying the good health of the pet and that it has its vaccinations up to date.

Have an appropriate cage for transport. In some cities the airlines have cage rental services.

Contact the airline at least one week before the date you plan to board the animal to make the reservation.

In the case of shipment of cats, dogs and birds, the vaccines must be administered between 1 and 12 months prior to shipment.

You should also consider feeding her before leaving the airport, putting a diaper or other absorbent material on the floor of the cage, carrying a water dispenser so she does not get dehydrated, and introducing her at least five hours before the plane takes off.

At the same time, before the trip begins, airline personnel will check that the animal meets the requirements to be able to move, as well as its weight and the dimensions of the cage.

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