Look how beautiful my path is today !!!

Look how beautiful my path is today !!!

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Every beginning of the week I replace seedlings in the muritos…. free ... to be taken away ...
I painted "FREE PLANTINES" in the flowerbed because people didn't know that they could take them away ... I've been doing it for years ...

I don't have time to name what each thing is ...

Every week I put between 60 and 100 seedlings and every weekend the walls are empty ...

These days there are many little lapacho and avocado trees.

Ceibos and timboes are being born.

There are passion fruit (which is a vine) and citrus.

Ñangapirís, shawl shawl, palm trees ...

The species vary according to the months and my times ... and since I learned the concept of "natives" I prioritize those ...

For those who live in an apartment I put plants, especially boldo.

I am amazed at the nature that makes how much seed I plant grow or the birds bring… in the garden in Resistencia or next to the Soto Lagoon in Corrientes….

My stomach hurts every time a tree is cut down… but instead of complaining or protesting… I give seedlings….
Come in and carry and plant! And send me photos of "my children" !!!

Saavedra 667, Resistencia, Chaco, RA

P / D Grateful to everyone who brings packaging that I use for this purpose ...

Native Trees

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