Argentina: They cut the wings of the flamingos in Córdoba so that they do not invade the city

Argentina: They cut the wings of the flamingos in Córdoba so that they do not invade the city

Imputed for alleged animal abuse, the director of the Córdoba city zoo, Daniel Villarreal, is now facing an extension of the complaint. It is due to the fracture of the tendons of the wings of seven flamingos. His explanation is that he did it so that they "do not invade" Córdoba.

In his statement, Villarreal pointed out that the cutting of the flamingos' wings was to prevent them from escaping and becoming victims of predators or accidents.

The complaint was filed by lawyers Cristian Casas Cassataro, Beatriz Torres (director of Ecosistemáticos) and the philosopher Raúl Márquez Sullivan.

In principle, Villarreal was charged with 13 alleged acts of abuse (three animals were relocated after the accusation), to which another seven were added, for a total of 20.

The prosecutor instructing the case, Carlos Matheu, explained that Villarreal would have ordered that "the tendons of the wings of the seven flamingos be cut so that they do not fly." Those animals, according to the indictment, would have been in these conditions for several months.

Likewise, Carlos Nayi, the director's lawyer, stated that "there is no mutilation" but that the cut was carried out because otherwise "there would be an invasion of flamingos in the city of Córdoba."

However, the prosecutor believes that the Flemings suffer from this situation, which is why he was investigated at the headquarters of the II Courts.

Meanwhile, Villarreal "explained that cutting feathers, which does not affect cartilage and regenerates like hair and nails in humans, aims to avoid" escape ", and that these animals are victims of predators, accidents by collision with cars, walls, fences, etc ".

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