Do you know the sanctuaries of the Monarch butterfly?

Do you know the sanctuaries of the Monarch butterfly?

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In August, the Monarch butterflies begin their journey of more than four thousand kilometers from southern Canada to the forests of the states of Mexico and Michoacán, crossing through the United States.

On their journey through Mexican lands they cross the states of Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Morelos, Puebla, Hidalgo until they reach the sanctuaries of the State of Mexico and Michoacán.

As of Wednesday, November 23, and until March 31, 2017, the seven sanctuaries that protect the species will be open to the general public:

In Michoacan

  • El Rosario and El Asoleadero, municipality of Ocampo
  • Senguio, municipality of Senguio
  • Sierra Chincua, municipality of Angangueo

In the State of Mexico

  • Capulín and Macheros, municipality of Donato Guerra
  • La Mesa, municipality of San José del Rincón
  • Piedra Herrada, municipality of San Mateo Almololoa

How to get to the sanctuaries?

From Mexico City you can go through Toluca and take the highway to Guadalajara. In Maravatío they turn off towards Angangueo, and in half an hour you reach the sanctuary of Rosario and Sierra Chincua.

Another option to visit is Angangueo, 150 kilometers west of Mexico City. It is reached from Toluca and Valle de Bravo, in the State of Mexico, or from Zitácuaro or Morelia, in Michoacán.

During your visit, the responsible tourist code applies:

  • Follow the directions and instructions of local guides Use only established trails
  • Do not bring food, alcoholic beverages, sharp objects, firearms, or pets into sanctuaries
  • Do not collect butterflies, plants, animals, fungi, or any other element that is part of the forest
  • Do not smoke or light bonfires
  • Respect the access and time limits for observing the Monarchs. Remain silent during your stay
  • Don't use flash to take pictures

We also invite you to participate in the #ProtegamosALasMonarca campaign, upload your observations to the Naturalista platform and your reports to the email [email protected] Let's join forces and help to trace the migratory route in Mexico and conserve its hibernation habitat.

With information from the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas.


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