The technology of extermination. Synthetic biology, "Genes Drives" or "gene drives"

The technology of extermination. Synthetic biology,

By Inés Franceschelli, Base IS

The various forms of life that we know on planet earth have been evolving for 4,000 million years. Homo sapiens emerged about 200 thousand years ago. Agriculture dates back 10,000 years. Just 20 years ago, the companies that developed the so-called “biotechnology” launched cultures of living beings invented in laboratories, commonly called transgenics.

Those crops have set knowledge back 10,000 years, shrinking agriculture to almost symbolic dimensions. Furthermore, transgenics changed the diet of human beings; We no longer consume food to sustain and reproduce our life, but we eat industrialized products, saturated with chemicals, which make us sick and kill us, retracing human evolution thousands of years ago.

And this biotechnology, which causes so much damage, is not the main threat that companies expose us to. The new technological proposal is synthetic biology, and its main tool are the "gene drives", or genetic drivers, which not only put agro-bio-diversity at risk, but also all life as we know it, such as it has evolved, in equilibrium, for billions of years.

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