The amazing flowers of Udumbara

The amazing flowers of Udumbara

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The tiny white flowers of Udumbara are suspended above the delicate stems, which are finer than a human hair.

According to the Buddhist Scriptures, they only flourish once every 3,000 years, before the arrival of Chakravartin, the Holy King who Turns the Wheel who comes to rectify the Dharma in the human world.

Udumbara means in Sanskrit (ancient Indian language): "Flower of good omen that comes from heaven."

The scriptures hold that it is a product of the omnimous and supernatural; a heavenly flower that does not exist in the underworld, and manifests itself due to the great virtue and blessings of a Tathagata Buddha.

In the scriptures, this Buddha is the King who rules the world, not with force, but with the Great Law, and offers salvation to the beings of the world.

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