Eco games for these holidays!

Eco games for these holidays!

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But not only that, since from the age of three, children can learn to recycle waste at home or save water, without going any further. Awareness and respect for everything that surrounds us, the sooner it is acquired, the better and easier ... so here are some ideas for children to enjoy taking care of the planet. (Source: Ser Padres Magazine)

Sensory games to identify with nature

• Imitate the sound of the wind with your breath.

• Simulate the flapping of the birds with the movement of the arms.

• Move at the speed at which some animals move.

• Compare silence in nature with silence at home.

• Play with the footprint that the body leaves on the sand.

• Observe the waves that are produced when touching the water.

Games to experience for themselves

Draw a sequence in which the children have to reproduce the sounds of the images they see, which will be natural elements with characteristic sounds (such as rain, river, dry leaves, birds ...).

Games to save water

• Children must be made to understand that water is the most precious and scarce resource on the planet.

• Not using the cistern as a wastebasket, showering instead of bathing or turning off the tap while brushing our teeth are small habits that they will only acquire if they see them in us.

• There are simple games that we can introduce into our daily routine, such as incorporating a water meter in the shower to control how much we spend.

• The reuse of water that we do not really use (such as the first one that comes out before heating) for other needs (watering the plants, rinsing the dishes ...) can be a family achievement and a reason for celebration every time savings increase.

Games to learn to recycle

• Draw with the children the four types of containers according to the recycled material: paper and cardboard (blue), glass (green), plastic cans and bricks (yellow) and organic waste (orange). Containers can be cut out and glued onto a kitchen tile. Around each of them, the children can glue the objects that they have previously drawn and cut out and that belong to each container: an old newspaper in blue, a glass bottle in green, a milk carton in yellow or scrape of a fish in the orange.

• Old socks are great for making horses and snakes. They must be filled with unusable fabrics (torn clothing that cannot be donated) or newspaper. The face is made with a marker, or by cutting out the eyes and mouth from cardboard and gluing them later.

• With packaging or cardboard boxes that have come from the supermarket or from buying shoes you can build labyrinth circuits or small houses. Paint, cut shapes and glue them… the possibilities are endless when a child uses imagination.

• With plastic bottles we can make a bowling game. We will need several of the same size. The ball is built with the silver foil to wrap the sandwiches.

• With the cheese portion boxes we can make a giant set of plates. If we decorate them with finger paints we will have a nice result.

• We can make a rain stick out of a plastic bottle filled with pebbles. We can paint it later so that the interior is not visible.

• Two containers of yogurt filled with pebbles with another two glued on top can be turned into maracas.


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