Turin wants to be the first vegetarian city in Italy

Turin wants to be the first vegetarian city in Italy

By Valeria Hiraldo

As Ada Colau did for example in Barcelona, ​​the mayor of Turin, Chiara Appentino, has launched a series of initiatives to promote vegetarian food in the city. But he wanted to go one step further.

The proposal has just been presented and includes measures such as one "meat-free" day a week or the inclusion of content on ecology and respect for animals in the children's school curriculum.

Chiara Appendino was elected Mayor of Turin on June 20. Belonging to the 5 Star Movement, founded by the comedian Beppe Grillo and of an anti-system and environmentalist ideology, Appendino has been a great revolution for a city historically led by the center-left Democratic Party.

Appendino sees promoting vegetarian and vegan diets as a priority among the more than 2 million inhabitants of the northern Italian city and explains it in the 62-page manifesto in which he presents the objectives that the city government will pursue during its years mandate.

A perhaps utopian goal but one that has more and more followers and sympathizers

The 5 Star Movement has been defending vegetarianism since its foundation and although its president Beppe Grillo has said that meat is part of his diet, in his blog he constantly defends a diet free of animal products.

However, Chiara Appendino's challenge will not be easy because she is located in Piedmont, a region known for its gastronomy based on red meat.

A few months ago, malicious news broke out from Italy that said: "Vegan parents will go to jail if they force their children to be vegan." The manipulation in that news was that they tried to sell a bill from a far-right party like Forza Italia, in "an approved law." No law was passed that would send vegan parents to jail, but it was repeated ad nauseam in the media to make people believe that making their children vegan is bad for their health.

Therefore, and in the face of the fear of all those who are dedicated to this sector, he released this statement: “I do not want to create a controversy in the meat market. We are not going to close small shops or ruin the people who have spent years working in the development of food and wine in Piedmont ”.

The party is promoting the vegetarian diet at all levels, there are more than 30 vegetarian restaurants in Turin, and personally what seems to me the most important is that children are being taught from a very young age in schools how important it is to respect children. animals, grow their own food and obviously respect the environment and our planet to the maximum.


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