American brewery began operating using Tesla batteries

American brewery began operating using Tesla batteries

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The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. brewery began using a 1MWh Tesla Powerpack to run the company's machinery, exclusively using this source of energy to operate, which is powered by 10,751 solar panels and two existing microturbines in the facilities of the company. company, The Verge reports today.

The way these batteries work is quite simple, since they charge when energy demand is low and do the opposite when more energy is needed, a process that maximizes energy use, as well as the production capacity of the batteries.

This is the first beer brand in the United States to have this technology to boost their operations, which allowed them to save about 20% of their total energy expenditure annually.

The measure is currently being replicated by other similar companies, with Hawaii's Maui Brewing Company being the first confirmed to carry out this operation, which joins other installations that are taking place in Ontario and California. It should be noted that this same technology is what powers the island of Ta’u in American Samoa, which is part of Tesla's Solar City project, with electricity.

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