Donald Trump and his ‘anti’ environmental measures Source: environment

Donald Trump and his ‘anti’ environmental measures Source: environment

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Money first

Apparently the president-elect, Donald Trump is only concerned with the economic cost of fighting Global Warming, since he plans to remove most of the funds allocated to it by the previous government, claiming that Climate Change is a fraud.

In fact, Trump has pledged to end US participation in the Paris climate agreement, arguing that the main concern of the US government is the construction of several pipelines, such as the Keystone XL Pipeline, as well as drilling, fracking and the return to coal, since he considers these projects as "a great gain" for his people.

What is most discouraging about his statements is that in reality most of the benefits of these plans will go to the pockets of American corporations and elites, not the American people.

There is no climate change

The current president of one of the most powerful countries in the world has historically had very little regard for the environment. Trump has referred to Climate Change in terms such as: a lie, a hoax or a "tall tale."

In one of his numerous tweets he explained it very clearly: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese, in order to make US manufacturing uncompetitive." And although he has later qualified his words, he remains determined to deny the global climate reality.

Leaving aside the eccentric visions of Trump, the severity of global Climate Change is tangible and palpable in all parts of the world, even within the borders of the United States there are cities in serious danger.

Danger lurks in the US

A study by Climate Central, which reports on the impact of Climate Change, identified 414 American cities that will plunge into the darkness of pollution, no matter what climate action is taken.

This devastating forecast includes some of the most condensed population centers in the United States, such as Miami and New Orleans, and warns that New York and other major cities are headed the same way.

According to the study's lead author, Benjamin Strauss, there are a large number of cities that could be “saved” if current guidelines against emissions are followed, but if the change, according to Trump's threat, is drastic, much of the American heritage could be lost already future generations will only be left with chaos and pollution.

Of conspiracies and lies

One of the most worrisome issues is that many media outlets are aligned with Trump and are questioning reality, to the point of asking themselves: have there been deaths of Americans due to Climate Change?

The figures are chilling, although many ignore them: we are talking about more than two hundred thousand people who died prematurely in 2015 and only in the United States, since, for example, pollution directly affects (poisonings or diseases caused by PM , for example) or indirectly, aggravating other pre-existing ills.

And these numbers do not include deaths that have occurred due to intensified and abnormal climatic conditions, directly related to Climate Change, such as freezing or heat strokes, which affect the most vulnerable sectors in hundreds of cities in The USA.

The Ag. De Protec. Environmental (EPA) reported that, as of 2014, United States carbon emissions totaled an alarming 6.87 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide.
NASA contextualizes these numbers, stating that: "a minor but very important component of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is released through natural processes such as the respiration of living beings and volcanic eruptions"

And he adds that: “the problem is that the worst emissions are generated by human activities, such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. Thanks to anthropogenic action, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 has increased by a third since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. "

Since the campaign for the White House began, many media have echoed Trump's allusions to the existence of climate conspiracies, which have the sole purpose of damaging the United States and after his electoral victory, things seem to be going to worse, since the maxim today is: "you are with Trump or you are against him", there are no middle ground.

National and global alert

US Green Party candidate Jill Stein has said that: "Fracking should not be part of our future. We will not survive our addiction to fossil fuels. We need a real transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. by 2030 ".

Regarding Trump's proposals, he warns: "This plan will end in an increase in unemployment and poverty. Prevent the climate catastrophe, build a sustainable and just economy and recognize the dignity and human rights of all in our society and in our world. it is vital, because the power to create a new world is not in our hopes, nor in our dreams, it is in our hands ".

Time is running out and this selfish and corporate mentality based on fossil fuels, on the marginalization of foreigners and super protectionism, not only puts the well-being of Americans at risk, but also that of the entire world and it is something that we will suffer so much us, like generations to come.


Video: Trump to sign order rolling back environmental regulations (May 2022).


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