White House website removes section dedicated to climate change

White House website removes section dedicated to climate change

One of the main questions was what the position of the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, would be once he assumed the position of president of this country, even more so taking into account the tycoon's denial attitude on climate change.

It did not take long for the new measures, some of them quite drastic, to be implemented. This is because the official site of the White House removed all the references that existed on the page to climate change.

During the administration of Barack Obama, the link showed a series of initiatives that were being implemented to try to stop this serious climate phenomenon, as well as audiovisual material and information on climate change. However, since Trump took office, that link has led to an error message.

Regarding the climate issue, the site of the new administration only makes a brief reference to the Energy Plan for America First, which states: "President Trump is committed to the elimination of harmful and unnecessary policies, such as the Action Plan for the Climate ", in clear reference to what Obama did.

It should be remembered that a few years ago, Donald Trump referred to climate change as a sham invented by the Chinese. Although he later said that this was a joke, the short period he has been in office has proved right to all those who feared for the health of our planet during the term of the controversial tycoon.

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