The similarities between what humans feel and what animals feel

The similarities between what humans feel and what animals feel

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By Jezebel Handel

Animals possess emotions and establish attachment bonds with other living beings. It is enough to see their expressions when we say something to them, the happiness they show when they see us or the cry they show when something disturbs them. Animals and humans then share experiencing emotions and attachment needs.

We live in a society in which animals are part of the production chain, but sadly, many live in conditions that go against their nature, as man seems to forget that they too suffer like we do.

One of the bonds they developed is called the maternal and filial bond. Like humans, animals bond with their mother within the first few hours. How do they do that? For example, thanks to smell. This will be your guide as many young are born blind or deaf.

Smell is very important since, among so many animals together, it would be impossible for every mother to recognize her children. For example, when a chick just hatches, finds its mother, they recognize each other and make such a powerful bond that they unquestioningly follow that hen wherever she goes.

Among the emotions that animals experience and resemble those of human beings, are sadness, anguish, and pain. Animals may cry when leaving their young or losing a loved one. When a cow dies, your community says goodbye to it by surrounding and sniffing it. Several studies have even found that cows remember others that have already died.

Finally, it is important to note that animals also feel joy or happiness and that is possible if their natural behavior is respected. Animals need to be with their loved ones and live in community. For example, if we lock up a horse without having contact with companions, the animal will not be happy because it is not being able to develop its natural behavior.

Knowing these statements, it is impossible not to think about animal welfare. Animals must have a dignified life, they have to exercise their 5 freedoms. We understand that many people do not want to be vegetarian, but what can be done as a consumer to stop abuse is to inquire about its origin, the treatment they receive and how they have to live well.

More humane, more conscious practices are needed that provide spaces for movement and quality of life. But above all things, what we need is empathy; understand that animals also feel and that they deserve to live with dignity, just like everyone else.

World Animal Protection

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