German peasant organizations march against the Monsanto-Bayer monopoly

German peasant organizations march against the Monsanto-Bayer monopoly

By Ana Muro

More than 100 organizations of small farmers, animal protectors and environmentalists / ecologists who supported this march concretized their struggle in a nine-point pact, which was delivered to the Schmidt Ministry of Agriculture demanding its application. This was harshly criticized for favoring the big monopolies, which use pesticides and antibiotics that are harmful to health and the environment. The crowd chanting "Schmidt you're still sleeping, do your job" melted the chill of the Berlin afternoon.

They have also criticized the national policy that caused the bankruptcy of more than 100,000 peasants in the last ten years. Big monopolies like Monsanto-Bayer are getting stronger and are a threat to all humanity. 60% of the seed trade belongs to three large Corporations that poison our food, genetically manipulate the seeds producing a second generation of sterile (transgenic) seeds, which cause perverse dependence and slavery with multinationals. These companies arbitrarily decide what we eat.

With limitless power, his goal is to wipe out ancient and local seed varieties and an ancient way of farming from Aboriginal communities. The herbicide / pesticide glyphosate called Roundup is produced by Monsanto and used in millions of tons in global agriculture and also by amateur gardeners. The harmful effects of this product are always denied by this corporation. When strong evidence shows how deadly it is to health and the environment, Monsanto's lawyers opt for silence. Studies or research carried out by universities or NGOs are immediately discredited or silenced. The world health organization (WHO) confirmed that Glyphosate is carcinogenic.

This was already patented in 1971 and generates more than 2,000,000,000 dollars of profit per year. This poison also contains other poisons such as formaldehyde that their combination causes an even more harmful lethal cocktail. Monsanto already has a large "record" of damages against life with chemical weapons such as the manufacture of phosphorus bombs used by the Israeli government against Palestinian civilians, or "Agent Orange" in the Vietnam War (link: http : // article12161)

"We need more small and young peasants", "together we are stronger" was the joint summary at the end of the march.

The nine points required:

Replacement of an agrarian industry by small farms.

  • Cessation of national subsidies to the agricultural industry and mega mergers in that sector. National investment of 500,000,000 Euros for organic and regional agriculture. Incentive for raising livestock according to the species and ecological (biological).
  • Variety of farms: Small and medium farmers
  • With a deadline until 2020, minimally achieve that 50% of the total agriculture is done by ecological and regional farmers.

Replacement of animal abuse and environmental contamination with healthy food

  • Raising animals according to the species and in a biological way. Use of the animal protection law to get / get healthy food.
  • With the term of until 2020 reducing the use of antibiotics with a minimum of 50%, the abuse should be immediately prohibited. Protect the water and the climate: Stop excessive fertilizations. Limit for the number of cattle. Curb the excessive consumption of meat.
  • Maintain / obtain species diversity. Stop / appease the death of bees. Reduce the use of pesticides. No to genetic engineering!

No to Monopoly, yes to democracy

  • Avoid the dominance of multinationals. Not signing international Treaties such as CETA, TIPP, EPAS. Do not allow any merger in the food sector. Obligation to label in food products their origin, content, type of cattle bait used.
  • For greater global social justice: Reduce agricultural exports. Strengthen the global peasant production of small regional markets. Create joint ecological development policies.
  • Marketing with fair prices: stop leaving surplus production at the hands of the regulatory market.


Video: Bayer-Monsanto Merger: Endangering Our Health, Food, Farms u0026 Planet (May 2021).