The novel Portuguese system to build a house in three days

The novel Portuguese system to build a house in three days

After deciding to build their new home, future owners have to wait months and in some cases years before they can enjoy it.

However, there are already many companies that build with modular structures in a few weeks and even days - a house in days with recycled and reused materials.

In Portugal, they have a novel modular architecture system, baptized Gomos, a business research and development project that consists of a modular construction system where each module leaves the factory completely ready, including the Interior and exterior trim, windows, doors, water and electricity installations, and even pieces of furniture.

This system ensures the construction of a house, in a specific place, in just three days. The construction process has four phases: production of concrete structural modules, exterior and interior conditioning of the modules, transportation and docking - a kind of Ikea version for our homes.

Led by architect Samuel Gee, the project brought together 20 companies to build this house in Arouca, the first to use the system.

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