These women weave coats to protect abused elephants from the cold

These women weave coats to protect abused elephants from the cold

The Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India, receives elephants who have been abused by their owners. Animals have escaped a past full of torture and the recovery process is also complex.

Traumas and physical problems are some of the main drawbacks, however, these specimens must also withstand the low temperatures felt on this date, those that reach zero degrees Celsius.

For this reason, and in a gesture worthy of applause, a group of women from a village near the refuge decided to weave vests and pajamas for the elephants so that they can withstand the cold of winter.

Many times, these mammals, which are rescued from circuses, farms or private homes, arrive weak and in poor condition at the rescue center and are not in optimal condition for this time of year, hence the idea of ​​sheltering them.

"It is important to keep them warm from the cold of this cruel winter, because they are weak and vulnerable after having gone through so much abuse, and they are more susceptible to suffering from pneumonia, for example ... The cold also worsens arthritis, which is a very common problem in elephants. that we rescue, "explains Kartick Satyanarayan, caretaker and founder of the center.

In this way, elephants can begin their slow recovery receiving the love and concern of these noble women, who have voluntarily and selflessly thought about the welfare of their animal brothers. A nice example that we should all follow.

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