Mexico. Hybrid taxis reduce pollution by 45% compared to a conventional car

Mexico. Hybrid taxis reduce pollution by 45% compared to a conventional car

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Mexico City is one of the most polluted capitals in the world. Every day there are millions of inhabitants who have to endure the inconvenience of living in such a populated city. But there are initiatives that seek to improve the lives of those who live in this place.

This week, 100 hybrid taxis debuted that pollute less than a conventional car, reducing pollution levels by 45 percent. In addition, these cars have GPS, Wifi and a panic button. The intention of the city government is that in twelve or fifteen years, all taxis will be hybrid or electric.

This "green initiative" would also be extended to the rest of the Mexican Republic. This good measure should be applied in other places that also suffer from the ravages caused by pollution and the development of modern life.


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