The largest vertical garden in the world, the work of a biologist from Alicante

The largest vertical garden in the world, the work of a biologist from Alicante

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The biologist and botanical expertIgnacio Solano has been responsible for designing and coordinating, which is to date the largest vertical garden in the world. It is a building of theChapinero Alto neighborhood of Bogotá (Colombia), baptized asSantalaia, a colossus ofmore than 3,100 square meters. Its vegetation cover is composed of about115,000 plants of 10 species and 5 different families. The execution times for this gigantic work have beeneight months for its design and another eight months for its execution.

At the end of 2015,the Urban Landscaping team, led by Ignacio Solano and the company Groncol de Colombia, they embarked on this great adventure at the request ofExact Project Total. This Colombian company asked them for a living building that haduniform plant layers in both color and volume.

This time Solanotried to use as many endemic plants as possibleFor this, he previously made an expedition to the jungles of the Colombian Chocó to collect samples, reproduce themin vitro and, once grown, incorporate them into the work.

The most important challenge that had to be solved in this project was the irrigation system. Finally and after a lot of workIt was overcome by creating more than 40 irrigation sectors that are regulated according to humidity and solar radiation.

In addition, this structure has as an additional measure a treatment plant that recycles the excess water from the wall as well as some gray water from the building. This vertical ecosystem has become a great green heart in the middle of the dense brick city of Bogotá.

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