Farmer studied law for 16 years to sue the company that polluted his town

Farmer studied law for 16 years to sue the company that polluted his town

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Wang, who is in his 60s and only went to school for three years, says that in 2001 he was playing cards with his neighbors when spills from the polyvinyl chloride plant, owned by the state corporation Qihua Group, flooded the house where they were and the man's plot.

The toxic spill prevented local farmers from harvesting their crops for several years and made Wang decide to fight for the environment and the future of his neighbors. The man filed a complaint with local authorities, but when asked to provide legal evidence of the contamination, Wang understood that he needed a legal basis for his claim.

"I knew he was right, but he did not know what law the other party has broken or how to get the evidence," says the man. Since he had no money to buy books, Wang paid a bookstore with sacks of corn to let him consult his books and copy the legal information he needed by hand.

Despite the difficulties and despite the fact that the local courts delayed the process for years, Wang finally managed to file his lawsuit in 2015. The Angangxi District Court ruled against Qihua Group, ruling a compensation of $ 120,000 for Wang and his neighbors . Thus the farmer won his first legal battle against the corporation. However, the company is preparing an appeal and Wang and his neighbors will have to continue their fight.

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