"Lewis's real estate megaproject would be bigger than the city of El Bolsón"

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The english tycoonJoe lewis, intends to carry out a mega real estate project inMallín Drowned, where the water springs that irrigate the entire rural and productive area of ​​El Bolsón are located. The same was approved by the municipal council, but it is stopped by an injunction that the neighbors presented.

In statements toInformative FARCO, the communicatorJavier Ishikawa fromRadio La Negra told that"Lewis illegally bought 800 hectares at a low price, in addition to the 14,000 he already has in Lago Escondido."

The journalist added that "The project, which is still standing, aims to build a city bigger than El Bolsón and includes a closed gated community, a shopping center, a golf course and a private international airport, which is illegal."

Listen / Download the complete interview with Javier Ishikawa, from Radio La Negra:


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