Spanish doctor assures that the main cause of cancer is food with agrochemicals

Spanish doctor assures that the main cause of cancer is food with agrochemicals

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By Matilde Moyano

Almost 250,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Spain each year. This is a figure that "gives vertigo", according to Javier Espinosa, head of the oncology service of the General University Hospital of Ciudad Real, who gave a conference on new therapies at the I Information Day of the Provincial Board of the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Ciudad Real.

The alarming thing is that of all the known risk factors, such as tobacco, alcohol, radiation, and drugs, this doctor emphasized diet:

Tobacco "has remained light years" from food as a cause of cancer, Espinosa warned and pointed to the chemicals used in the preparation of food or the substances with which crops are treated that favor, over time , the proliferation of cancer cells.

In Argentina, the risk situation in which the current agro-production model puts us is unknown by most of the population, and it has already been 20 years since the State commercialized Monsanto's transgenic seeds and the agrochemicals that accompany them, such as glyphosate, about which the World Health Organization (WHO) already warned in 2015 that it can cause cancer, in addition to research by the National University of Rosario (UNR) that showed that it causes a mechanism of toxicity in development and operation of the nervous system.

Let's remember that in Argentina 1 out of every 5 people who die is from cancer, but in the 'fumigated towns' (the towns that suffer aerial spraying with agrochemicals) 1 out of every 3 people die of cancer, and in some towns like San Salvador, 1 in 2 die, as indicated by the statistics of the Network of Doctors of Fumigated Towns.

According to Espinosa, governments will have to sit down and assume that prevention is better (because of the people who are dying, on the one hand, and because of the cost of trying to cure the disease) than treating cancer. Moreover, it is "incredible" to him the small amount of means that are used to prevent this disease, since it is the leading cause of death in Spain (In men, the most common cancer is prostate, although it is lung the one that produces the highest mortality. And in women, the most diagnosed cases are breast, colorectal and gynecological cancer).

Likewise, the risk of dying fell in the last decade thanks to early detection, especially in colon and breast cancers, and the greater efficacy of treatments. The doctor referred to chemotherapy, which made little progress and produces the known side effects, which is why he highlighted other more precise treatments such as monoclonal antibodies, intracellular signal inhibitors and hormone therapy.

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