The greenhouse office has more plants than computers

The greenhouse office has more plants than computers

In Portugal, this workspace works with more than a thousand plants of 100 different species, which reduce stress and increase productivity.

Second Home, in Lisbon, looks more like a nursery than a workspace. The 12,000 square meter shared office has more than 1,000 plants, including flowers and trees of 100 different species. The objective? Decrease stress and increase creativity through the natural power of vegetation.

Behind this project is the Spanish design firm SelgasCano, an expert in architecture with fresh air. The office is mounted on a structure from 1892 where there used to be a market. Today it does not have cubicles or walls that separate those who work, the plants fulfill that role. At the same time, they purify the air and reduce noise.

The design is based on that of a Portuguese greenhouse, which is why natural lighting is achieved in all spaces as well as ideal ventilation. Along with the architecture, Second Home has wellness programs, serves natural food, and offers Pilates and yoga classes.

Reduce energy consumption

"In addition to respect for preexistence, reduce energy consumption of the building was another of the objectives of the intervention ”they point out from Selgascano. To do this, the architects had the collaboration of the engineer specialized in the environment, Adam Ritchie, who helped them eliminate air conditioning and replace it with underfloor heating for cold and heat, supported by natural ventilation controlled by motors and conventional greenhouse systems. .

"This led us to place 1,000 plants on the table, which in addition to air conditioning, generates privacy ”, comment José and Lucía, who highlight how when entering the space nobody notices the 250 chairs, the 100 lamps and the 250 people working in it, and the plants are the only protagonists ”

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