Live longer and better by putting your hands in the ground

Live longer and better by putting your hands in the ground

It has been said (popularly and in studies) that gardeners live up to 14 years longer than those who do not practice this activity. While there are many factors involved, there are some basic reasons that can contribute to this dramatic increase in your life expectancy:

Vitamin D

Generally, gardening is not done at night. The body naturally produces Vitamin D when exposed to the sun, and it protects against certain types of cancer and heart problems.

Get the benefit: You can sunbathe regularly, but be sure to protect yourself against harmful rays.

Play in the dirt

Our society repudiates the earth and invents gels and disinfectants. But the soil contains bacteria, minerals, and microorganisms that can enhance the immune system. In fact, excessive avoidance of land has been linked to auto immune diseases.

Get the benefit: You can take prebiotics and fermented foods, but you won't be exposed to the same variety of microorganisms unless you get your hands dirty.

"Make land"

Most of us never touch the ground and definitely not for long periods of time. This allows electrons to accumulate in the body from electromagnetic sources (cell phones, wireless networks, and so on), leading to inflammation and other diseases. Being in contact with the earth, with the plants, this extra load is released.

Get the benefit: Try walking barefoot, or napping in a green area.

Release stress

Gardening is a relaxing activity. By releasing stress, you avoid effects ranging from increased cortisol levels, blood pressure, hormonal changes, and more.

Get the benefit: Give yourself time and space to do an activity that relaxes you, preferably outdoors.

Green food

Gardeners generally grow vegetables and are likely to eat them too. More green and less processed food means more nutrients and fewer toxins.

Get the benefit: Eat fruits and vegetables.


Digging, watering plants, fertilizing them, and other movements required by this activity are good exercise. That is to say that, in addition to everything, it provides relaxing and positive benefits.

Get the benefit: Exercise regularly, preferably outdoors, preferably in contact with Nature.

Good Sowing

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