Free IKEA blueprints and instructions for building a sphere that can feed a family

Free IKEA blueprints and instructions for building a sphere that can feed a family

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IKEA has unveiled plans for its latest innovation, The Growroom, a multi-tiered spherical garden where you can grow enough food for your family. Instructions are available online and can be downloaded for free. The design for "The Growroom" is by Space10, an in-house design studio dedicated to creating their future products.

This new IKEA product does not come in a box but is assembled in 17 steps, in the same way as the company's traditional products. All you need are some sheets of plywood, some screws, and a bunch of friends to assemble the frame. You may need to enlist the services of a local carpentry shop to make sure the wood cuts properly, but afterward, it really is a weekend project.

IKEA says that this "spherical garden" is capable of feeding an entire neighborhood, but is small enough to fit in your backyard. It is designed to allow water and light to reach all levels of the sphere.

Local food cultivation represents a sustainable alternative to the current global model of food production. It reduces the carbon footprint of what we eat, the pressure on the environment and educates our children. The challenge is that traditional agriculture needs a lot of space and space is a scarce resource in our urban environments.

There are already plans to build Growrooms in Helsinki, Taipei, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco, according to a press release.

If you are interested in the project, you can find everything you need for its construction in this link


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