A company offers a week off to employees who adopt a dog

A company offers a week off to employees who adopt a dog

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BrewDog, a Scottish brewing company, is concerned about the welfare of its workers and particularly their pets. But that's not all. Once employees adopt a pet, they can take it to work so they don't have to spend their first few days at home alone. James Watt and Martin Dickie created this company in 2007 with their dog Bracken. They are so fanatical about these animals that at the headquarters in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, there are 50 dogs that are considered almost like other workers, roaming freely around the offices. "We know that having a new pet, be it a puppy or an adopted adult dog, can be stressful for people," said the creators of this craft beer. Ecoportal.netNoticias Ambientaleshttp: //

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